School Principal and Part-Time Grade 5 Teacher

Ms Mabel Laubscher

School Director

Mrs Judy McComb


Mrs Abigail de Wet


Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs. Heather Smith


Grade 2 Teacher

Miss Katy Roberts

Mrs Hanna Rodo

Grade 3 Teacher


Mrs Lizanie van Staden

Grade 4 & 5 Teacher


Additional Staff/Volunteers


Music Teachers:

Mrs Anne Meyer - Piano, Recorder, Class Music, Choir
Mrs Sandy Carroll - Piano, Violin, Recorder, Class Music
Mr Dimmitrios Giannakis - Guitar


Art Teacher:

Mrs Wytske van der Meulen


Sports Teacher:

Mr Simon Hobbs


Reading & Maths Helper:

Ms Jean Becker


Xhosa Teacher & Reading Helper:

Ms Myrtle Boy


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